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cbd gummies
Edibles are the ‘next big thing’ in the world of CBD. Their popularity relies on the fact that CBD Edibles are often easy to transport and can be very effective to treat different ailments. With our new CBD Gummies Mixed Fruit Flavor with 120mg CBD by hempifarm, consuming CBD is tastier than ever. And above all effective like no other CBD Edible thanks to the addition of Vitamin C to this tasty CBD candy.

CBD Edibles

There’s nothing in the world remotely close to being as popular as CBD is at the moment. And with these ‘8 Amazing Facts About CBD Oil‘ we can see why! The compound found in cannabis and hemp plants can be very effective in treating different ailments, without providing any negative side-effects. Nor does CBD provide a high or stoned feeling, like its counterpart and other popular cannabinoid ‘THC’. Therefore CBD is also widely used to support a healthy immune system and bring balance to the body and mind.

‘Gummies are a good way for beginners… to slowly but surely find out how (or how much) CBD works best for them’

CBD’s popularity has stimulated an enormous development in the world of cannabis products. As people are looking for easier, tastier or more exciting new methods of consuming the cannabinoid; as opposed to the classic CBD Oil. Thus we at Amsterdam Genetics have been experimenting with different forms of CBD products.

hand gets cbd gummy / edibles out of bag
CBD Gummies are effective and tasty CBD Edibles

And after creating delicious CBD Edibles like our Wünderbars and Choco Block Spoon, with respectively 10mg CBD, we decided to up our game. Proudly bringing you our new CBD Gummies, with a total of 120mg CBD by SupMedi.

CBD Gummies

Our new CBD Gummies are 100{b2715b2f187649967f7088b7471ac02a8ee492e6ce1e02924e4ba778b0a7d098} natural, vegan, Halal and lactose-free – so you can sin with a clear conscience. A bag of the CBD Gummies contains 30 sweets, with 4mg CBD per piece of candy. Providing a total of 120mg of medical grade and lab-tested CBD by SupMedi in one bag of CBD Gummies.

Considering one SupMedi CBD Melt Tablet contains 24 mg CBD, you’re allowed to be excessive with the gummies. Though the lower dosage per sweet also helps you easily determine your ideal personal dosage. The gummies are a good way for beginners and the curious, to slowly but surely find out how (or how much) CBD works best for them.

cbd edibles gummies cbd candy
CBD Gummies by SupMedi come in four delicious flavours

A bag of CBD Gummies Mixed Fruit (120mg CBD) comes with 30 pieces in four delicious fresh fruity flavors:
– Black Currant (Purple);
Lime (Green);
Strawberry (Red);

Orange (Orange).

Moreover, they’re enriched with Vitamin C to ensure that the CBD is better absorbed by the mouth’s tissue. Additionally, vitamin C acts as a natural support to strengthen the immune system. Dramatically increasing the efficacy of our CBD Gummies – Mixed Fruit (120mg CBD by SupMedi).

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