How to cook with CBD oil

CBD Oil, Your Favourite New Ingredient

CBD oil has made its way into the mainstream, and everyones looking for new ways to take it. While taking a few drops under the tongue orally is the most common method, people are also fond of dabbing, vaping, creams and also cooking with CBD! Cooking with CBD can avoid some of the flavours many are not fond of from CBD oil. cbd hemp flowers for sale

In-house, we are very fond of adding CBD to our morning coffee, or infusing a lunch meal with CBD. It isn’t complicated, but it helps to know some basic rules for cooking with CBD to avoid wasting any of your product.

Basic Tips for cooking with CBD oil


All cannabinoids (CBD included) are fat soluble. This means that they break down when mixed with fats. The amount of CBD you can absorb dramatically increases when you take this step, if you want to get the most value out of your product you don’t want to forget to combine CBD with healthy fat. We are big fans of MCT oil, however you could use any fat of your liking.

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