How do we rank our hemp flowers


How do we rank our CBD hemp flowers?

At Hempifarm, we aim to be as transparent as possible with reference to pricing and description when it comes to the quality of the exclusive CBD hemp flowers that we offer our customers for souvenir/educational/novelty purposes only.  It’s very important to us that we manage our client’s expectations and through this we aim for a zero complaints policy as customers should always know what to expect with reference to quality of produce.

We base our judgement of quality on:

  • Appearance
  • Fragrance
  • Taste
  • Cultivation method

So, we split our natural industrial hemp flowers into 3 categories to reflect their quality:

  1. Exceptional Standard

Only indoor cultivated CBD hemp flowers of the highest standard available will fall into this category. To belong in the “exceptional standard” range the indoor flower must; look amazing, smell amazing and taste amazing! It must be perfect in every way. This category aims at connoisseurs who prefer specialist flavours.  Examples of exceptional standard flowers would be “Pineapple Express”, “Crystal Haze” & “Therapy”.  These flowers resemble top shelf THC strains however they DO NOT CONTAIN THC and WILL NOT get you high! In this range, we aim to bring you the best possible strains available in Europe and offer them at the most competitive prices we possibly can.


  1. Premium Standard

Regardless, these flowers will be of a high standard however, it is very difficult to be certified “exceptional standard”.  Our “Premium Standard” flowers are priced very competitively.  Examples of our “Premium Standard” CBD hemp flowers are “V-1”, “Super Juicy Tooty Fruity” & “Banana Smash” of which are all fantastic value!


  1. Budget Greenhouse

These flowers will only ever be greenhouse cultivated.  They benefit from full spectrum sunlight which has a wonderful effect on their natural terpene profile (all our flowers in every range are natural and never contain any added terpenes or cannabinoids).  The “Budget Greenhouse” CBD hemp flowers are usually machine processed rather than hand trimmed so they are not as aesthetically pleasing as the “Premium Standard” range. The wonderful thing about the CBD hemp flowers in this category is that they are still fantastic quality and are so incredibly cheap! Examples of products in this category are “Green Crack” & “V-1 X Cannatonic”.


If you have any questions about our products or categories then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

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